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The world does not exist

You do not exist

There is no God

How then, does life begin?

In the beginning ....

This is your story.

We all have a story. These stories sustain and nourish us. They help us believe who we are and who every one else is too. The trouble is, not one of these stories is true. None of them.

How can that be? But 'I have cancer' you say. S/he left me. It's her fault. My parents never loved me. He should not have died. It's not fair. etc.

Who would you be without that story?

Imagine a time and a place, where you do not exist. A place where there is no sound, no voice, no light, no enchantment, no sorrow and no thought. Life does not require them. It does not even require you to exist.

How then do you create yourself? Where do you come from?

In other words, how does the world begin?

History tells us that the world did begin. Many people disagree about exactly when that was, yet all agree we are here now. Yet where did we come from? Are we the spawn of some alien race? Did we spontaneously create ourselves out of nothingness? Did a God create us? And if so, why? And if none of these things happened, then how did we get here?

Could it be that we have always existed? But how is that possible? How could we believe any one theory over another? Where is the proof? And if there is no proof, is faith enough to sustain us? But there are so many different faiths, how can any one be more true than another?

And if we cannot be sure where we came from, how can we know where we are going?

Or is the entire purpose of life to determine where we came from and to get back there. And if so, why? What could be so great about 'the beginning', that we want to begin again?

And if we don't want to begin again, what is it that we do want, apart from the houses and cars and lovers and inner peace etc.

Can we ever answer that question?

Or is there a more important question?

Who are we?

Can I answer these questions alone? Or is it possible I am simply one piece of a giant 'puzzle', and that only by working together as one can we really figure it all out?

How is it that some people seem at peace while others constantly strive for more and a better life? Isn't what is good for one, good for all? And if so, who should decide what the greater good is? And if there is no one in particular, how can we all make the decision together?

How can we all make the decision together?

Let us begin...

                    ... to all make the decision together.