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How is your health. Are you ready for a change?


  • If you are physically sick, then see your doctor.
  • If you are emotionally sick, then see a professional counselor.
  • If your soul is sick, look inside.

Health - They say you can't live without it. Or at least that you can't live well without it.

How can you take control of your health and of your life? It begins with knowing that you create your reality - all of it - all the time.

What has that to do with your health? Everything.

You may not believe everything you are about to read. That makes it no less true.

Let's begin ....

Your health is dependent upon your attention, intention, thoughts and actions.

Of course you should visit your doctor regularly and consider their advice carefully.

How is it that some people get colds all the time and others do not? Colds represent confusion.

How is it that some people seem to never get sick and others often do?

Which category do you create for yourself?

Do you believe that you control when you get sick? Can you imagine that your thoughts can make you sick? Or well. Of course you should always see a doctor if you are not well. But is it the doctor that heals you, or the medicine you take or your beliefs. Or a combination of all three.

Isn't it better to rely on all three?

Of course it is. 

Doctors know things we haven't even had time to think about. And medicines can be life saving. And our thoughts can be healing too. Why on earth would we want to limit our healing possibilities by limiting our approaches to healing.

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