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For each of us, the question lies within


Everywhere we go, people are telling us what to do. From our parents and friends, our bosses and our employees, our neigbours, magazines and even our children, everyone seems to have an opinion about what we should be doing each and every moment with every decision in our lives. Whether we are deciding what to study, where to work, what clothes to wear, what to eat, which car to drive, who to marry, what to drink and when, there is someone telling us their opinion.

And yet none of those people are responsible for the decisions we make. Only we are.

So how do we make the best decisions and choices?

By asking oursleves better questions.

Here's an example from my life. It began with wondering how could I double my income and live the life of my dreams. 

I was highly motivated. I became totally infatuated with a beautiful, tall blonde woman who came from a very wealthy background and I believed that the only way I could be with her was to dramatically increase my income so that she could live the life she was used to with me. Sound silly? Maybe, but at the time I totally believed that's what I had to do. 

The problem was, my income was about half of what it needed to be to reach my goal. So I asked myself a question: How could I double my income and live the life of my dreams before the end of the year?

The answer came much sooner than I expected. Within a week of asking myself this question, I made a decision that I had previously considered unthinkable. I decided to leave my secure government job of 20 years and become self employed. Who would have guessed that such a simple question could have lead to such dramatic results. That year I earned $279,000 which was four times my previous income. Yes, I overshot my goal a bit.

And so I came to realize that asking myself good questions could lead to having "it all", or what I thought was "it all" at the time.


I was wondering what other great questions I could ask myself and the questions just started flowing and coming to me and didn't stop for days. After a while I had 100 questions, all of which changed the way I looked at life and the world.

And I knew I had to share these questions. 

At a Thanksgiving party, a woman named Samantha choose the same card ‘randomly’ from a deck of 100 four times in a row. Samantha put the 100 Question Cards on a plate and was about to offer one to everyone when one card dropped on the floor. She picked it up, looked at it, put it back on the plate and offered the cards to each of the 20 people present. When all had chosen their card, Samantha chose one for herself. It was the same card she had picked up from the floor. Samantha bought a set of the Cards and took them home.

That night, Samantha put her cards in a bowl by her bed and before going to sleep, she chose one card. It was the same card as before. Puzzled, she put the card back in the bowl and went to sleep. In the morning, she chose a card at random from the bowl. It was the same card again.


Now, I am no expert on the law of averages, but this is pretty amazing. Samantha called me the next morning and asked me what was going on. I asked her if she had answered her question. She hadn't. I told her that the card was waiting for her answer. We both got 'chills'. 


And so it was with so many people who picked a card. Upon seeing their question, they would say, "I was just thinking about that" or "that is exactly the right question for me".

The next week I was at a rather 'rowdy' party and everyone was talking very loud and I brought out a package of the 100 Life Purpose cards. Within a very few minutes everyone wanted to pick a card. And they did. And the entire evening was transformed from people partying wildly to looking within and connecting with each other on deeper levels than they ever had before.


Asking yourself better questions gives you better answers about what to do with your life. Questions are what move us forward and help us make better decisions.

Employers always ask questions in a job interview – they don’t affirm how you feel, they ask you questions because it helps them decide what to do next. And every time you hear a question, your brain automatically tries to figure out how to answer it. For example even if you hear a person ask someone else what time it is, do you look at your watch? Probably you do. Your brain is hard wired to answer questions. It is part of the human condition to ask why and how and to move civilization and evolution forward. You are part of human evolution and will be asking and answering questions for eternity. Well at least until you figure ‘it’ all out. Whatever ‘it’ is, of course.

When I started creating the Life Purpose Cards, I intended to think of the 10 most important questions people like me could ask themselves to move their life forward more quickly. Before long, I had a hundred questions.


I knew I was on the right track every time someone picked a Card. I was at a Psychic fair in Toronto in February, sharing a booth with my psychic friend Richard. There must have been 600 people who picked a card over 2 days. And 598 of those 600 people all said that was exactly the right question for them or they had just been thinking about that. And so it went everywhere someone picked a card. Oh, and those other 2 people, they just kind of looked at the Card and tried to give it back to me. I told everyone to keep their Card and think about the answer to their question. I mean if they didn't answer their question, they might turn out like Samantha and keep getting the same question over and over again.

Will you have the same experience others had? Could picking a card change your life? Could answering a question really make a difference in your life?

I asked myself how I could double my income within one year. And within two months I had made four times my annual income. This was actually double what I asked for. I guess I wasn't very clear about what I wanted. Could you do this too?  


Although I am no longer selling the cards as a separate product, all the questions are contained in my book, Making Change Easy which is available for purchase at

 I would love to hear about your experience with the questions. So please drop me a line or send an e-mail and let me know.

Wishing you all the best.